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A life changing conversation with Grant Soosalu, director at mBIT International – written by Jo Lucarelli

When I woke up this morning, at the top of my to do list was to have a conversation with a gentleman by the name of Grant Soosalu. If you don’t know who Grant is, then read on. Why? Because the 30-minute conversation I had with him today, changed my […]

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FREE Extended DISC Accreditation Offer with Certificate of Coaching

We want to fill the 5 places that are still left on the Certificate of Professional Coaching and are including an extra $1,650 worth of value for nothing:  The FULL Accreditation is included for a limited time.

Join us on the March program and get the second day of Extended […]

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Entering “The Now Realm”, by Tim Wise

Tim Wise is a successful business person and family man who has dedicated his life to exploring the question, ‘what is success?’ He has always been fascinated by personal development and spirituality, spending almost 30 years exploring numerous personal development modalities. One of the biggest insights Tim has discovered along […]

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