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NLP Brain

Have You Heard about NLP and Wondered ‘Can that be True?’

Do you keep hearing about it and are you just wondering’What IS IT Anyway?’

Join us for a Half Day Introduction to NLP

We will be providing this introduction to NLP in person, because that is the best way to experience a theory and method that is all about being a human being!

This is a ‘Come and Try’ event, to see NLP in action, and ask any questions you need to ask to help you decide if you would like to learn NLP with The Inspiration Factory and our Trainer, Grace Minton.

You will experience:

  • An introduction to the foundation concepts of NLP
  • An experience of creating a Goal, NLP-style
  • Two experiences to enable you to tap into your motivational energy for this Goal

What Past Participants Had to Say

I came to the program because I wanted to learn more about NLP, and would like to look into life coaching eventually.  On the day I experienced new techniques for goal setting and communication.  As a result, I found clarity and focus in my ability to achieve my goals and opened up another level of awareness with myself. Amazing! My goal has suddenly felt attainable, not unreachable.


Thank you so much Grace! You’re very knowledgeable and warm. Was a pleasure listening to you today.

Jacqui Incognito

I had no expectations of the program and I loved it! I got so much from today! 

Great opportunity for growth. I will be passing this to my contacts. Thank you Grace.


If you are interested in using NLP professionally, as a Coach, join us in the morning of the same day and discover a Full Day of FREE Training about Coaching and NLP.

We are passionate about NLP and we love NLP training, so come and join us for a fun day of NeLPing.


Sunday, 15 March 2020 in the Perth CBD2pm – 6pm

If you are interested in learning about using NLP as a Coach, you are welcome to attend the morning event the Foundations of Coaching for a full day of FREE training.


What Past Participants Had to Say

I came to the event because I am Interested in NLP and how it could complement other health modalities (Ayurveda, yoga, natural medicine and meditation).


During the event I loved learning the pathways of our thought, and where the root of that thought may lie (e.g. wanting financial stability to enable health and wellness)


I found ways to deeply reflect and identify where my mind is overtaken by emotion.

The visualising of our outcome felt tangible, real and attainable.


I came to the program because I am an EFT practitioner and had yet to learn NLP, which is recommended to combine with EFT.


During the program I was able to focus on what I want for the first time in 2 years!  I was able to reconnect with myself and focus entirely on ME!! And realize I can create a future for myself and get excited without being dependent on someone else’s wants/needs.


My visualizations for the future went further and further forward without taking into account where  this other person was.  I know I was meant to come here to make that separation which my soul and every aspect of my being was yearning for!


My heart is swelling with anticipation, confidence and joy

Anonymous Participant

My reasons for attending the event were to re-learn what I had forgotten (from learning NLP a long time ago).

During the program I learnt different techniques that I had not heard of before.

As a result I am much more confident in myself and what I want to do. I am more confident setting goals, and I learned different techniques (logical levels). 

It was a great entertaining Sunday for me and compliments what I had already learned.

Graham Barrett-Lennard

Can’t attend an in-person event? Watch our ‘What is NLP? video online now

About the Trainer

Grace has over 12 years experience in NLP, has attended over 70 days of NLP Training herself, has a Post Graduate qualification in Applied Coaching that incorporates NLP.  Grace has been a Trainer in 15 NLP practitioner programs, including NLP Master Practitioner. Grace is an Accredited NLP Trainer with the Australian Board of NLP and is also an ICF PCC level Coach who delivers internationally accredited Coach qualification trainings.  if you are based in Perth, there are considerable benefits from learning with a local company and local Trainer.

Grace has supported people from all walks of life to learn NLP, people like small business owners, parents, managers, counsellors and therapists, as well as coaches.  As a Trainer of NLP, Grace is able to provide examples from using the skills professionally with clients in both the personal and organisational/leadership contexts.