NLP Courses



Introducing NLP

For people in Perth who are curious about learning NLP or NLP Coaching, we offer a full day to experience both NLP and meet the Trainer.

Come along for a fun day and experience:

  • An introduction to some of the foundation concepts of NLP
  • An exercise in reading non-verbal communication
  • Creating a Goal, NLP-style
  • Taking your Goal and aligning it with ‘internal resources’

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainings

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NLP Practitioner in Perth

NLP is much, much more than a theory of ‘how we tick’: it is a practical methodology for creating change in internal processes that influence our state/mood and our behaviours. When we take charge of these things, we also take charge of the outcomes we are getting in our life, relationship and career.

NLP practitioner in bali

Discover the truly transformational power of NLP with 10 days of workshops held in beautiful Bali. Join many others who have improved communication and influencing skills, and discovered their own resources for creating the work and life that they truly want.

NLP home study program

Our NLP Practitioner Home Study Program is designed to introduce you to this powerful body of knowledge and tools for taking charge of who you are; your thinking, communication, mindset, emotional state, personal goals and your future.

NLP home study