Developing People, Leaders and Teams

We Offer a range of services to help people meet their potential

We can work with you to deliver an in-house training, team building, and a unique consulting service for talent management

In-House Trainings

We offer trainings that can be customised to your organisations requirements on the following topics:

Team Building

We offer Team Building with Myers Briggs Type Instrument and the Inventory of Work Attitudes and Motivations.

We recommend the MBTI for teams who are new to team building and wish to create greater connection and improved communication through awareness and appreciation of differences

We recommend the iWAM for teams when the team wishes to go to the next level, with awareness that can be applied to stakeholders and customers, and how they communicate both internally and externally with stakeholders and customers.  An iWAM Team Building is customised, following an understanding of the current state of the team.

Consulting to Unlock Your People’s Talent

We offer consulting services with a specialisation in Human Resource Development and Talent Development.  

We can show you exactly how your high performers are different to others in the role, and how to replicate this performance level in a simple and highly effective talent management process.

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