Profiling Certification

Add a Profiling Instrument to Your Toolkit

If you are a Coach, Trainer, HR or OD Professional, a Profiling Instrument is a crucial element of your toolkit.  We offer Consultant Accreditations in two different instruments.   

The  iWAM – The Inventory of Work Attitudes & Motivations 

The remarkable 21st century instrument based on 48 unconscious cognitive filters, and motivational patterns that drive attitudes, passion and performance at work.

The iWAM is a powerful profiling instrument that does not ‘box’, ‘label’ or ‘colour’ your clients.  It is incredibly accurate and specific to context.   It is unique in its ability to be used in the ‘Study of Excellence.’.  This Certification is available once a year face-to-face In Perth, or Online.  It is also available as part of the Certificate of Professional Coaching program.

The Extended DISC

This two-day training will enable you to be accredited as an Extended DISC Consultant and Trainer, working with the profiling tool with individuals, pairs and teams.
After this training, you will be certified to use and feedback the relevant reports with confidence. You will also gain excellent knowledge and understanding of using Extended Disc to enhance your business and improve your communication skills.
This certification program is designed for trainers, consultants, coaches, HR professionals and managers.