What Our Clients Say

The NLP Practitioner Program

Ann Montgomery on NLP Practitioner

Ann Montgomery

What did you get? – So many tools for the future in coaching and the clinics I run

The realisation of who I am, More self belief

Worked with amazing group of people who all had something different to give!


Value – This was more than I expected, to help me in my coaching, life, relationships and self worth

Did you get what you wanted? -Yes, and more

Sonia Fortuna

My reason for attending the program was increasing my portfolio of strategies and tools to facilitate change for my clients as a coach as I knew NLP would be a powerful methodology. It is actually so powerful that I was getting results already during the course, before the end of the program. As a result, I was more confident in my offering to my clients. Because students get to practice a lot on each other during the course, it is also a tremendous self-development experience and an essential step for a coach to really understand what the clients go through. You don’t get all this from an online course. II chose this course because I had already attended a few courses by Grace Minton – one of the best trainer and coaches one could have. I absolutely recommend this course and having her as a coach, a trainer, a supervisor and a mentor coach.


My reasons for attending the program were – To extend my knowledge and skills.

The program changed my thinking and helped me set goals.

Convinced of the power of NLP

Dealing with conflict in business options.

Brad Gray on NLP Practitioner

Brad Gray

I came to NLP to help give me the tools to communicate more freely, be more influential and deal with people more effectively at work as a manager.

NLP showed me that I’ve already got all of the resources to do this and it is just a matter of understanding how to tap into and use these resources to achieve my desired results and a whole lot more.

I got a huge amount of value from the practical learning style. I have applied my NLP learning and development in my work and feel much more positive. I know it’s a long road ahead which is exciting to look forward to.

Jo Lucarelli on NLP Practitioner

Jo Lucarelli

My reasons for attending the Program were – To deepen my knowledge and skills to work with people and facilitate processes that allow them to become more aware, have more choice, and feel empowered to achieve all they desire in their life.

During the program – I did exactly that! The teachings were incredible, my mind was expanded, I developed my coaching skill set, learned so much about myself, the human mind, how we communicate, make meaning and achieve results in our lives.

As a result I – 100% know I am following my path + purpose to shed light on the greatness that exist within each and everyone of us.

Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Grace so openly sharing her knowledge and teachings which run incredibly deep. I love the entire course, the content, the people, and how it has changed my life and now allows me the gift of sharing what I have learnt with others so they can create positive change in their world.

Ness Bradshaw

My reasons for attending the program were – To increase my skills/tools to utilise as a professional coach.

I learnt a LOT more than I anticipated and have expanded my ability to work with clients.

I feel I can impact clients a lot faster and more effectively using processes from the course. I have also used a lot of the outcomes personally.

In practice, I have already integrated aspects of the course into clients’ sessions (& my own life) including perceptual positions anchoring logical levels and Circle of Excellence.

LOVED IT!! Thank you Grace & Bronwyn

Craig on NLP Practitioner


Reason – I attended this initially because it seemed like an excellent method of knowing myself better, and aligning myself with my goals.

What did I get? So much more….i got everything I wanted to get but also got a deeper understanding of me, how I interact with the world, how the world interacts with me. I also got so many tools to assist me to help others for when they cant find the resources to help themselves. It has been a fantastic journey of self-learning-self.

Value – What price can you place on something so powerful? Until you do NLP, you cannot realise that the learnings are priceless.

Long term effect – The world is suddenly a very different place, instead of challenges there are opportunities…..endless opportunities.

Jo Harrison-Ward on NLP Practitioner

Jo-Harrison Ward

I attended NLP because I wanted a change in my professional career.

I thought it would be straight forward – learn NLP and coaching. What I found was that NLP identified how conditioned and inflexible I had become as a result of my environment. What I learnt was everyone of us has the resources within us to do what we want and to be successful at it.

Did I actually achieve my outcome? Not yet, but it is the start of the journey through to coaching and Master NLP and happiness.

The value cant be expressed in terms of $ as how can you put a value on quality of living?

Bobby Aitken on NLP Practitioner

Bobby Aitken

My reasons for attending the program were – To continue my learning journey in the realm of coaching and people development.

I was challenged, stretched and enlightened.

Have had my eyes opened to the amazing ability to help people by accessing their unconscious directly.

Great course delivery method. Thanks for flexibility.

Stuart Jenner on NLP Practitioner

Stuart Jenner

Attended to increase knowledge and skills to use in my professional career and personal life. I got many skills that I have used and will continue to use in my professional career. I got skills that I can use in my personal life. I learnt more about who I am and I met 17 great people.

How can you put a price tag on something which sets your pathway for personal and professional excellence. I can see myself using all of these great skills and experiences throughout my life.

The mBIT Coach Certification (Multiple Brain Coaching)

I have the wisdom to face challenges, both personal and business

Ruth Jenkins

I now know that I have the wisdom to take me so much further now that I understand the 3 intelligences. Wherever I go and have a challenge I know how to tap into these intelligences, both in personal and business.

Self-awareness and more!

Sonia Fortuna

I wanted to understand myself better. To have self-awareness. During this program, I found how to use the knowledge to my clients and to anyone!

Empowered by knowledge and confidence

Brendan Chestnutt

I joined the program because it was highly recommended by the previous participants. Also additional skills to add to Coaching and NLP.

During the program, I enjoyed the involvement and opportunities to practice. As a result, I feel empowered by the knowledge and confidence that I can use mBIT professionally.

An amazing technique

Bobby Aitken

I feel empowered and encouraged to use this with coaching in Perth. Amazing technique to quickly access a broader understanding of drivers and challenges of outcomes we want achieve.

So simple but has the most outstanding results

Tamily Harling

I attended this training to add another tool to my coaching and of course as a self development. During the program I couldn’t quite believe what awesome content it involved. It was so much better that I expected and meaningful on a whole deeper level. I learnt so much more! It connected with my values and beliefs. I found it so useful and possibly the most powerful tool I have learnt as yet and wonderful to be used in so many different areas.

Connecting with the heart and gut is so simple but has the most outstanding results. Taking it to the highest expression made it simple and magical!

Easy to use, powerful and enlightening

Mandi Cloete

mBraining is the key to self-mastery. Easy to use, powerful and enlightening. Everyone and anyone will benefit from this. Wow, Wow, Wow, mBraining bridges the gap between neuroscience and metaphysics. Finally something the world has been calling out for that will change the way we communicate with ourselves, others and a way to lift the whole of humanity into much need highest expressions and generative wisdom.

The Coaching Qualification

The tools to allow me to feel great and have clarity any time I choose

Pauline Watkins Professional Coach

I attended this program to update my skill-set and decide whether or not I want to continue coaching. During the program I was able to unpack and unravel and it allowed me to see the wood from the trees, using creative methodologies in a really safe and nurturing environment.

As a result I have now got the tools to allow me to feel great and have clarity any time I choose.

Allowing me to create transformational experiences for others

Jo Lucarelli

I attended this program to develop and learn skills to realise my dream of being a coach! I now know what I didn’t know! I’ve learnt so many valuable tools and techniques that will allow me to create transformational experiences for others. And as a result I am ready to step up to my coaching practice!

The coach training offered by The Inspiration Factory was so much more than I ever expected. Grace has been an incredible trainer and facilitator – so calm and gentle with us all as we learn. I find it so valuable being able to practice each technique as we go, to start embedding them in my unconscious. Doing the course was as an intensive in Bali made all the difference – having such focus and really getting to know the group. We’ve now created a strong support network for each other as we step forward!

Especially loved the tools that worked at a deeper level

Julian Ilich

I attended this program to gather some coaching skills to assist me with developing and running a sustainability leaders course. During the program I learned a lot about transformation and skills and tools that I can begin to learn to use with leaders. I learned a lot more than I thought I would. It was excellent.

As a result I feel more confident that I can design a great leaders program and even begin coaching people one on one immediately to further strengthen my abilities.

I especially loved the tools that worked at a deeper level, such as metaphor. I also enjoyed learning about what is happening in the psychology of people to bring about transformation.

I learnt more than I could anticipate or wish for

Ness Bradshaw

During this program I learnt more than I could anticipate or wish for. More opportunities are now available for my business. As a result I have started on a new journey as both a business and personal coach.

The structure and content of the course was outstanding. Grace deserves her name – what a powerful, respectful and amazing facilitator.

I cannot thank you enough for bringing this training to Perth and Bali. By sharing your experience and knowledge with others you are transforming the local coaching community who, together, will transform hundreds/thousands of lives. I am honoured to now be on this journey with you.

Exceeded Expectations

Fran Berry Director, Alive & Kicking

I have been coaching and conducting coaching training programs for over 15 years, and I am absolutely astounded by the experience I have had during this program. Over the years, I have attended more than 30 “coaching” programs. With each program, I have been pleased with the idea that I have taken at least one new idea or learning from the time and money invested. I entered this program with the same thought in my mind: ‘If I get one or two new things, I’ll be happy’. Boy was I in for a surprise!

The challenge I have now is to describe to you, the reader, exactly what it was that I came away with that was so new and so different, and so incredibly wonderful. Philosophically, the approach is the same – but the techniques and ways of being are magically unique to this program. So instead of speaking about the specific tools and techniques – let me talk about the most important thing – the results!

I used to get great results with my coaching processes. Now, I get astounding and life-changing results that go WAY beyond the realm of basic skill and knowledge improvement. Would I recommend this course to anyone who wants to BECOME a coach – YES! Would I recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a BETTER coach – ABSOLUTELY!