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Our Coaching and Training Services are based in transformational methods that empower people to be happy, resilient and connected


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Expand Yourself

Actively pursue the ‘Keys to the Kingdom’, the knowledge and skills that will enable you to be happy, living the life and doing the work that is an expression of your unique self.  

Discover what is possible with our in-person, NLP and mBIT programs in Perth or Bali, or participate in the Loving Your Life Program Online from the comfort of home,

People describe our programs as ‘life changing’ and they are not exaggerating!   

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Develop Coaching Mastery

Our Graduates stand out for having both skills and recognised qualifications

We work with people on becoming Professional Coaches that meet the highest standards of real Accrediting Bodies, like the ICF.  Our Graduates can choose to niche in either the Personal or Executive Coaching Markets.

We also offer e-learning and mentoring to support Coaches to build their coaching business after they Graduate.  

Developing People, Leaders & Teams

In the organisational context we can support people to grow and develop, through an in-house training, customised leadership development, team building or coaching program.

We specialise in consulting to discover the difference that makes the difference in your most talented employees,  and to use this as the basis for talent management that takes the pain out of people management by matching motivated people to the work they enjoy.

Grace is such an amazing trainer and coach. I took two courses with her and one more is coming soon for how much I love learning from her. She brings her role pure passion for the profession and for helping people make the change they want in life, Grace-fully and without judgement, a decade long competence and an unsurpassed integrity.

Sonia Fortuna

What Sets Our Training Apart

  • Our NLP qualifications are accredited by the Australian Board of NLP.  Our NLP training has a maximum of 12 people per trainer and a minimum of 10 days of in-person workshops.
  • Our coaching qualifications are accredited with the International Coaching Federation and delivered under alliance with The Performance Solution, UK and Dr Sally Vanson.
  • We have a maximum of 12 participants per workshop and offer both face-to-face and remote mentoring and supervision in our coaching qualifications.
  • Coaching Trainers  are practicing coaches with commercial coaching experience  in both Executive and Personal markets for Coaching. 
  • We offer  a mentoring program for Coaching Graduates, with webinars, workbooks, individual mentoring and group coaching to support you in your first year of business building.
  • Our Coaching and NLP programs are delivered in Perth, and in Bali as residential programs.

Who am I?

My name is Grace Minton and I am a qualified Coach (ICF PCC level) with over 12 years professional experience. I have over 20 years experience training people to work with others in transformational personal development methods and this is my passion. I am the Lead Coach, Facilitator and Owner of The Inspiration Factory. 

Accreditations and Affiliations

We are licensed to Certify others as qualified Coaches,  mBIT Coaches, and NLP Practitioners by the following independent standards bodies

The Certificate of Professional Coaching is  ICF Accredited and issued by The Performance Solution, UK.  The Coaching Programs are designed by Dr Sally Vanson, a leader in the field of coaching globally.

We are certified Master Trainers for the Extended DISC and iWAM:

What's New?

The NLP Trauma Response Team Project 

The NLP Trauma Response Team Project is intended to deliver effective research-based methods for helping people recover from trauma to as many people as possible in fire-affeted communities.. 

It involves mobilising people who have learnt Neuro Linguistic Programming to a required skill-level, providing additional training and a protocol for using methods to support trauma recovery, and supervision to support them.

People who have not learnt NLP, but would like to understand more, are welcome to attend the two day Resilience Training which is being delivered in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

In the short-term, activities are taking place through The Inspiration Factory to offer:

  • A 2 Day Training in research-based methods available to anyone to utilise
  • A Protocol, assessment and supervision of volunteers with the right base qualification, who wish to offer their time
  • Insurance to manage the risk for volunteers who do not already have  insurance

Volunteer groups are being pulled together into project teams immediately after the 2 day training.

Learn with Us for FREE

We offer several Introductory events to help you discover what it is we do at The Inspiration Factory. You can attend half day events – an Introduction to mBIT, or an Introduction to NLP and also our full day FREE Foundations of Coaching event.


FREE Introducing NLP Event


Introducing ‘The Entrepreneur Inner Game’Online Master Class

As well as being a business owner myself, I have now been working as a Coach Trainer for many years.  I have seen first hand the struggle that new Coaches have to be both passionate about Coaching, AND  about building a service-based business.  

I am very excited to announce a completely online offering, working with start-ups and existing businesses,  based on breakthrough research into the difference that makes the difference in the thinking, attitudes and motivational patterns of successful Entrepreneurs.   If you have your own business, or intend to have your own business, this one if for you!

To learn more about this, click on the button & brace yourself as you are directed to another website!

Our Training Programs

NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner

The NLP Practitioner Program delivers a level of personal development that often takes participants by surprise.  From the first 3 day block, people describe shifts in their relationships, their experience of work, and the key to all of those changes – shifts in their own thinking, feeling and behaviours.  

The NLP Practitioner is delivered in both Perth and Bali and accredited by the ABNLP

mBIT Coach Certification

​Discover the Coaching methodology based on the latest neuroscience about the existence of complex neural networks in our heart and gut, that meet the definitions of a brain.  

This program is delivered in Perth twice a year and now includes the Loving Your Life 12 month webinar journey developed by mBIT International.

Coaching Qualifications

We offer two courses for anyone who would like to work professionally as an effective Coach and get real results with their clients.

The Certificate of Professional Coaching  includes an iWAM Consultant Accreditation, 9 days of face to face workshops, group coaching, e-learning, individual supervision, and more….

The Certificate of Life Coaching incorporates the full 10 day NLP Practitioner, e-learning, Group Coaching, plus Mentoring against the ICF Competencies.  

iWAM ConsultantAccreditation

 The  iWAM measures the NLP Metaprograms, or motivational patterns and cognitive filters.  It is a powerful instrument used in coaching, team building and  modelling excellence.

The iWAM measures 48 variables and no two people will ever have the same results.  

This training can also be taken online from anywhere in the world.

Extended DISCAccreditation

The Extended DISC is unique in its measurement and contrast of a person’s natural behaviours to the ‘adapted behaviours’.  It can be used with individuals, pairs and teams.

This profiling instrument enables powerful outcomes in coaching, team building, and organisational development​.  

The Consultant Accreditation is included in our Certificate of Professional Coaching.​

I attended The Certificate of Coaching program to develop and learn skills to realise my dream of being a coach! I now know what I didn’t know! I’ve learnt so many valuable tools and techniques that will allow me to create transformational experiences for others. And as a result I am ready to step up to my coaching practice!

The coach training offered by The Inspiration Factory was so much more than I ever expected. Grace has been an incredible trainer and facilitator – so calm and gentle with us all as we learn. I find it so valuable being able to practice each technique as we go, to start embedding them in my unconscious. Doing the course was as an intensive in Bali made all the difference – having such focus and really getting to know the group. We’ve now created a strong support network for each other as we step forward!

JO Lucarelli

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