Coaching with Grace Minton

In Coaching, I support clients to move forward and achieve changes that they have not been able to achieve alone. As an NLP Coach, I work with people in an extremely outcome-focused style, identifying the outcome you wish to achieve in the first session, and often achieving this within 5 Coaching Sessions.

I have a background in both corporate, as a HR & Organisational Development Consultant, and Personal Development, as a leader of personal development events and group coaching.  This enables me to work with Clients who are seeking to create a change internally that will enable the change in behaviour they are seeking, in either the personal or leadership context.

I work with people to achieve

  • ​Changes in behaviour - to replace a current behaviour that is not serving you well with new behaviours that you wish to come easily to you.
  • Shifts in feelings - if you have emotions that you experience and are not serving your well, NLP is well-none to assist people in changing feelings that may be based in past events, without having to relive and retell the story of the past.
  • Clarity of thinking - making a decision that is important to you, or removing the internal barriers that can prevent you from acting on one you have already taken that 'just never seems to happen'
  • Changes in thinking patterns - we work to support people to remove thinking patterns that are not serving them well, things that may be described as lack of self-confidence, or being overly self-critical
  • Resolving blocks to having the  energy to create the outcomes that you want

Many clients enter NLP Coaching with low expectations and are amazed at the changes that occur via a methodology that involves tapping into the existing resources and wisdom that are available to them in their unconscious mind.  This method does sometimes involve light trance states, called 'conversational hypnosis' in which you are aware of everything that happens and can remember.    At no stage do I use diagnostic terms or approach the coaching outcome with a 'formula', or 'treatment plan', each person's outcome is treated as an individual change to work through.    My Clients are fully involved in the process of understanding HOW they are doing 'stuck' or the current 'problem state' and are fully empowered in the process of change.    The change processes of NLP do not require that people spend time reliving or rethinking their 'emotional past'.  In order to participate in Coaching, people need to be able to reflect on their own thinking patterns and behaviour and be able to process feedback.  

As well as NLP, I use:

  • ​EFT, or 'tapping'
  • Sandplay, visual art, story cubes, or 'creative coaching' 
  • mBIT, or Multiple Brain Integration Techniques (aligning head, heart and gut brain)
  • As well, as conversational coaching!

I see Coaching as a Confidential interaction between two people, where one person facilitates the other to move forward in their thinking, or just move into action.  The Coach supports the Client to achieve a shift that he, or she, has not been able to achieve alone.

Examples of Outcomes from Personal Coaching

Below is a list of coaching outcomes that I have worked with past clients to achieve, as an example of what is possible to change.  This list is from 'personal coaching', where people are seeking a change within themselves to create the outcome they want in their life or work.

  • Changing conflict style that was ruining important relationships 
  • Changing a distorted self-image and feelings around food that drove a debilitating attention to food and exercise 
  • Identifying dream and strategy for building the business, and removing the doubt in own thinking that prevented action for many years
  • Ending a new reliance on drinking alcohol before it developed into a longer term addiction, by resolving the driver of the new behaviour
  • Identifying source of deep unhappiness in current work and identifying dream regarding work, providing support to act on this, apply for and be confident in job interview (this person successfully transitioned to the job they aspired to)
  • Resolving a traumatic memory that played on someone's mind, so that it no longer 'came up'  (this was achieved in a single session and did not involve needing to re-live the memory, or discuss the details of the event)
  • Resolving a simple phobic response (resolved in a single session) 
  • Resolving a complex phobic response that led to avoiding activities that they wish to be able to undertake
  • Discovering and resolving the source of a deep dissatisfaction in relationships and turning this around to form new and awesome relationships
  • Identifying dream in the area of career/life purpose and resolving internal conflict regarding making the change.  This also resulted in the resolution of a chronic illness.

Examples of Outcomes from Leadership Coaching

Below is a list of real outcomes I have worked with clients to achieve in the area of leadership and work based coaching.  These people may be self-funded, or supported by their organisation to receive coaching and this also involves changes in thinking and behaviours that allow them to take their leadership to the next level:

  • Changing a lack of confidence in own thinking that had prevented a senior leader from putting forward her own thiking/proposals, that others felt she was capable of and was needed in her role
  • Developing a new behaviour to successfully (and spontaneously) be able to put forward own ideas in a way that was influential, positive, and enabled collaboration from others
  • Developing greater Emotional Intelligence and interest in people management, and connecting to motivations that enabled this person to know they wanted to be a leader (the purpose of their leadership)
  • Reflecting on feedback and responding with changes to constructively participate in a team and to resolve, rather than avoid conflict.  This included a change in conflict style.
  • Identifying dream and strategy for having own business, and resolving the internal conflict that had prevented from acting on the dream of self-employment for many years


Accredited to use the following profiling instruments:

About Relationship Coaching

My approach to Relationship Coaching combines my Coaching and NLP skills with my qualification and skills as a Mediator.  It is an extremely pragmatic approach to re-establishing communication and working through issues that are causing dissatisfaction, as well as creating agreements for new 'rules of engagement' going into the future.   It can also involve the use of a 'pair report' in a profiling instrument to help understand differences in personality, motivations and communication styles.  

For Relationship Coaching to work, I need to be engaged by both parties from the very beginning, and not after a period of time of individual coaching for one person in the relationship.  This is in order to remain truly unbiased.  If you are interested in this specialised form of Coaching, please contact me and I can provide more detail regarding my approach.

I have worked relationships as varied as married couples, to business partners.  

45 minute FREE Coaching Session Offer

If you like what you have read, but would like to experience Coaching with me to really understand the value that I can offer, I completely understand and offer a 45 minute FREE Coaching session to enable you to decide if I am the right coach to support your outcome.

In our Coaching we help you to create a clear outcome for the Coaching Journey from the very beginning.

The FREE 45 min online or telephone Coaching Session is intended to support you to:

  • Gain clarity on your coaching outcome
  • Discover what you can expect from Coaching
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