Developing Coaching Mastery

We Develop World Class Coaches with Internationally Recognised Qualifications

We offer coaching qualifications recognised by the International Coach Federation under alliance with The Performance Solution, UK, developed by Dr Sally Vanson (an MCC Coach).    We have an emphasis on the development of skills through face to face training, practice and feedback.  Our Coaching trainings have a ratio of 12 participants to 1 trainer maximum. Our trainings  includes the individual mentoring and supervision required for accreditation to ACC level with the ICF and is delivered by a qualified Coach Supervisor. 

Our qualifications will not limit your ability to work as a Coach to any one market.  They are based on the ICF definition of coaching, which are relevant for both personal and organisational coaching contexts.

Our Coach Trainer has over a decade of experience in a commercial practice as a Coach, and is recognised as PCC level with the International Coach Federation.  As well as a trainer of coaching, Grace Minton is qualified as an NLP Trainer and mBIT Coach Trainer, and an Extended DISC and iWAM Profile Master Trainer.  Grace brings to the training an ability to speak to the commercial side of building a coaching business locally, in personal,  organisational and online markets. 

Becoming a Coach

FREE Event -
The Foundations of Coaching

We offer a free full day event for people who are thinking about becoming a Coach, to help learn more about coaching and about our style as a training organisation.  This is an obligation free event that is designed to be an enjoyable day.  Places are limited, so please do register.

Coaching Qualifications 

The Certificate of Professional Coaching

This qualification is an ICF ACSTH Program of 72 Hours and includes a full iWAM Consultant Accreditation,  training in Group Coaching and ICF Assessment, plus 10 hours of mentoring. It is suitable for people wishing to work as a Coach in the organisational market, but do not wish to be limited to one market. Workshops are running in a modular format in Perth, over 3 months.

The Certificate of Professional Coaching is  ICF Accredited and issued by The Performance Solution, UK.  The Coaching Programs are designed by Dr Sally Vanson, a leader in the field of coaching globally.

The Certificate of Life Coaching

This course is designed to meet the demand for a coaching qualification that incorporates the NLP toolkit. This is perfect if you would like to work on the 'inner game' as a Coach. That is, you are interested in learning tools for changing beliefs, working with changing patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour to enable your clients to achieve external goals.


This program includes 10 hours of mentoring against the ICF Competencies and coaching practice in a monthly online group as well as the full NLP Practitioner certificate.

This qualification is currently undergoing registration with the ICF.  

certificate of life coaching

Practice with Peers in the Online Practice Group

This group meets monthly on the second Monday of the Month and is available for anyone who has graduated from a Coaching Qualification.  It is based on the International Coach Federation definition of Coaching and the Coaching Competencies.

Each month Grace provides a 20 minute demonstration of coaching against the competencies and provides an ‘Open Frame’ Q&A about the actual practice of Coaching.

Participants then break into Triads, in break-out rooms online and practice coaching each other, and providing feedback against the ICF Competencies

This event is $10 per month.

A link to an e-learning (refresher) on the ICF Competencies is provided with your confirmation/receipt and included in your registration price.

Building Your Coaching Practice

The following programs and offers are available to people who already have a Coaching qualification and wish to further develop their skills or build a coaching business.

Learn Group Coaching & Clean Language 

This  full day of in-person training includes a live experience of Group Coaching, a toolkit of methods to use in groups and an introduction to design of a group coaching event.    In the afternoon, we move on to discover the Clean Language Model, a way of asking questions that allows the Coach to avoid influencing their client with their own assumptions.   These two things in combination - group coaching and clean language will expand your coaching capabilities beautifully. 

Mentoring for ACC or PCC Credentialing

If you have graduated from a program that does not offer mentoring against the ICF competencies, then you will need to complete 10 hours of this to progress to ACC level as a Coach. 

Our Lead Coach, Grace Minton, offers PCC level mentoring online, with 2 x 3.5hour Group events and 2 x 90 min individual sessions.  The individual sessions require that you provide an audio recording of coaching for 30 – 45 minutes as the basis of the mentoring session.

You can read more about Grace’s background here.

Learn about How to Build a Coaching Business

Many people complete a Coaching Qualification only to discover that they are facing a second learning journey – learning how to build a successful service-based business.

This online program is a blend of e-learning and individual mentoring.

It is intended to support new Coaches with no existing background in self-employment to create a clear plan for action and focus for their efforts.

Build a Digital Marketing Machine

If you are a Coach focusing on a public market, then you will have discovered that digital marketing, online, is an area that you could invest a massive amount of time learning.  At the same time, you need to be doing sales, development of your offerings AND actually delivering your coaching, and coaching-based offers.

The package offered here for Coaches is intended to build your Digital Marketing Machine (more than just a website) with tools that you are capable of self-managing and that will grow with your business, as it grows.

We work with a very small number of Coaches at a time, and only if we believe they are ready to go to the market.  Click through to learn more about this unique offering.