Expand Yourself

Who are You Not to Be Brilliant, Gorgeous, Handsome, Talented and Fabulous?

Do you suspect that the majority of people are actually well-intentioned and good?   Do you also, deep down, wonder if humans have  actually been born with the capacity to be happy, resilient, loving and fully engaged in life?  And if you believe this in general, are you also prepared to believe this about yourself?

If you would like to believe it, but it is just not matching up to your experience, then the shocking truth of the matter is that the gap has a lot to do with YOU.    It has a lot to do with the meanings you have created, the behaviours they make sense of, and the filters that you are viewing the world through.  And, that is despite you having done your best along the way.  It is just the human condition that we end up with 'programming' that is not 100% useful or empowering by the time we arrive in adulthood.

Luckily this shocking truth - that you are actually at the centre of your own universe - also puts you in a position to change your experience of all of it - your life, work and relationships by changing at the source - the inside!

You may or may not know this, but there has never been so much good information and pragmatic tools available to us to create the change we want in ourselves and take charge of our lives and happiness.

I am passionate about seeing people access this information and these methods, and to discover just how much choice they have in creating an awesome experience of their life.  And there are lots of ways that you can choose to come on this journey, no matter what your budget, or where you live in the world:

  • ​Join me in The Loving Your Life online personal development program for 12 months and access the best information from across the fields of Positive Psychology (research into HAPPINESS), NLP (magical tools for changing our world from the inside-out) and mBIT (applying the discovery of the existence of the heart and gut brains to life, not just health).  You can enjoy webinars monthly AND group coaching, or just the webinars, depending on your budget.
  • You can come along for the biggest personal development experience available - the 10 Day NLP Practitioner - and experience 10 days of intense practical learning about how we create meanings, how we can become conscious of them and change them. This is an experience of a lifetime that leads to changes for everyone - but there is always a shift for the better.  This program is available in both Perth and Bali.
  • You may like to discover the new field of mBIT, sometimes also called mBraining, in the 4 Day mBIT Coach Certification.  This field has taken the latest neuroscience discoveries of the existence of complex neural networks/brain, in both the heart and gut and combined it with behavioural research to create an amazing new understandings and tools for creating change.
  • Receive Individual Coaching.   In individual coaching, you will identify the outcome you want to achieve and work over a matter of months to create the change. People work with me as an NLP Coach on creating changes in behaviours, feelings that enable them to be their best as a leader, as a parent, or as a partner.    I rarely work with Clients for more than 5 sessions to achieve their outcome and my Coaching Team is made up of others who have completed their training with me to achieve Mastery.  People often seek out this style of coaching to achieve a change in themselves or their work and lives that they have not been able to achieve alone.  The most common experience is for people's expectation of what is possible to grow.  If you are tolerating to something that you don't want to, ask me about it, and we can also explore it in a complimentary 45 min Coaching Session online.
Mariaabout the NLP Practitioner

​My reason for attending the program were – to further develop my coaching areas & tool kit. I learnt so much from the group and from Grace. I developed belief in my abilities, conviction in my decisions and direction. As a result of the program I have busted limiting beliefs that were stopping me from fully engaging in life's opportunities. Grace, it's been a privilege to be in your class. Loved it!

Ann Montgomeryabout the NLP Practitioner

I started this journey to improve my communication, become a better coach, self development, to be able to use more NLP techniquess and have a better understanding of it.  What did I get?  So many tools for the future in coaching and the clinics I run.  The realisation of who I am, more self-belief.  Working with a group of people who all had something different to give!  Support.  The Value?  This was more than I expected, to help me in my coaching, life, relationships and self worth.  Did I get what I wanted?  Yes, and more.