Creative Thinking

Accessing Creative Problem Solving Skills


Creative thinking is an essential component of Innovation.This workshop provides an experience of creative problem solving using live problems from the participant’s own workplace.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the role of creative thinking in innovation
  • Reframing creative problem solving as a process that everyone is capable of, and understanding how to do this as part of creative problem solving process involving both ‘convergent’ and ‘divergent’ thinking.
  • Discover core, internal processes that have been modelled from people of ‘genius’, including innovators like Walt Disney
  • check Practice applying a range of creative thinking tools to experience different ways of thinking, applied to real problems from the ‘too hard basket’

This Workshop is suitable for anyone who needs to solve problems individually, or in groups, in the workplace.  Anyone who has been tasked with leading innovation as an outcome in their organisation, or work team.

Intact teams with challenges to innovate are welcome to attend and practice using the tools to work on their ‘live problem’ from the workplace throughout the day.

The Facilitator

The Facilitator, Grace Minton,  is an Organisational Development Consultant with a broad range of experience in organisations. Grace was a member of a small team tasked with designing and implementing an Innovation Strategy in an organisation of 1,800 employees and worked at a consultancy that specialised in innovation management.

Grace has tertiary qualifications in Human Resource Development and is also a Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming.  Grace brings to this program an understanding of the mind and neuroscience,  the personal nature of developing creativity and the organisational context for creative thinking and innovation.

Grace is one of two co-developers of The Entrepreneur Inner Game, an online program for measuring and developing the internal attitudes, motivations and cognitive filters that have been found to be common in successful Entrepreneurs.  She is uniquely able to bring an understanding of the Entrepreneurial nature of Innovation in an organisation to the topic of Creative Thinking.

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