Emotional Intelligence


What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

EQ is the combination of:

Interpersonal Skills

Skills for relating to others

Intrapersonal Skills

The self-awareness and skills to manage yourself and your emotional state

Once you have the foundation IQ to perform a role, intellect loses its power to determine who will emerge as a productive employee or an effective leader. For that, how you handle yourself and your relationships – in other words, the emotional intelligence skill set – matters more than your IQ”.

– Daniel Goleman, Time Ideas, 2011

What do we cover over two days of training?

Many trainings in EQ focus on developing an understanding of what it is and why it is important. This training will focus on providing tools and techniques that are fundamental for developing EQ.

We will focus on developing some of the skills that people with high EQ actually have and use unconsciously. The training will assist people to move forward in the development of EQ and to recognize that EQ is something that can be developed.

The training will be highly experiential, including skills for:

  • checkBuilding rapport/connection with others
  • checkReading the non-verbal responses of others
  • checkManaging your own emotional state, including, accessing positive resourceful states
  • checkUnderstanding what happens when we are ‘in the grip’ of an unresourceful state and exploring techniques for managing your state in this context

Benefits of Building Emotional Intelligence

For over two decades, research has shown that it is EQ, not traditional understandings of intelligence (IQ), that is the foundation of success and performance at work.

  • “In an analysis of 181 different positions in 121 organisations world-wide, 67% of the abilities deemed essential for effective performance were emotional competencies”
  • In data from 40 different corporations, to differentiate star performers from average ones “emotional competencies were found to be twice as important in contributing to excellence as pure intellect and expertise”
  • “Analysing hundreds of executive and leader ship positions in 15 global businesses, 90% of the difference between average and best performers was emotional competencies”
  • “Among over 2000 managers from 12 large organisations, 81% of the competencies that distinguished outstanding managers were related to emotional intelligence”

Who would benefit from this training?

If you are an emerging leader or a manager who is required to lead people, teams, projects and organisations and knows and is interested in being more effective, and more aware of themselves and their connections with others.

This includes leaders, people who need to influence others in order to deliver outcomes, and people for whom stakeholder management is an important part of the role.

What will you get out of this training?

  •  Develop greater self awareness and boost your personal impact
  • Manage your mental focus and emotions more proactively to reduce stress
  • Improve your ability (and willingness) to try new things in an ever-changing workplace
  • Boost your emotional resilience and bounce back from setbacks and disappointment more quickly
  • Be a more flexible and influential communicator in virtually any workplace situation
  • Increase your ability to perceive, understand, reason and manage with emotions
  • Handle yourself and your relationships more effectively

Really enjoyed the two days and gave me a much greater understanding of the subject/concept of EQ.  Has further inspired my interest in the area and now I can integrate into my life and with my colleagues.


All tools were transferable to the workplace and explanations on how to use them.   Had a really enjoyable two days.  Facilitation style was very open the two days flowed very smoothly from one topic to the next.


Really got a lot out of the EQ training.  Will take the processes back to the workplace and implement when needed.


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What Past Participants Has to Say

Style of leading and teaching concepts was excellent. Great balance between info and action.  Has given me food for thought for work concept, but also for me personally.


Very well done.  Excellent explanation of what were some more difficult concepts, good use of storytelling.   I learned a lot.


A huge topic explained really well with practical exercises.