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Competency determines whether or not you can do something; attitude indicates whether or not you want to do it

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iWAM Consultant Certification

Have you reached the limit of colours, labels and boxes when it comes to understanding people? Move beyond personality theory with the iWAM and discover what understanding and measuring motivational patterns can offer.

Introduction to iWAM

  • What does the iWAM measure?
  • How is it different to other profiling instruments?
  • How is it useful in People and Talent Management?
  • What Reports are available?
  • How you can become Accredited to use the iWAM?

The iWAM Certification will provide Coaches, Trainers and Consultants with:

  • The basis for a profound coaching journey - where you will have the means to know your clients at an unconscious level, see their coaching issues instantly, discover the keys to building mastery, and use an understanding of their patterns as the basis of HOW to coach them
  • A methodology for reliably and rapidly identifying the keys to performance and satisfaction in a role
  • A Pair Report, for use in mediation and conflict management, or just to raise awareness of differences between a Leader and new Team Member
  • A Team Report and Certification to work with Teams in the exploration of differences between fundamental motivational patterns
  • The skills to read someone's motivational patterns and thinking styles, predict their behaviour and communicate on the same wavelength by adjusting your own language patterns
  • An individual consultation with the Trainer, post-training, on integrating your new Certification into your offering or internal services

For your own Personal Development

  • Learn the 48 patterns that make your unique personality fingerprint
  • Understand what will create passion and energy in your work
  • Gain insight into how you are creating your current results
  • Understand what key development areas will bring breakthroughs in your results

This Training is now available online as an E-learning Program

The e-learning program can be taken at your own pace, from anywhere in the world.  You will work individually with pre-recorded videos, blended with individual LIVE lessons with a Certified iWAM Trainer. 

What is the iWAM?

The remarkable 21st century instrument based on 48 unconscious metaprograms driving your attitudes, motivation, passion and performance at work.

The iWAM is a powerful profiling instrument that measures 48 unconscious ‘programs’ that we all have, in different levels and combinations.

Metaprograms are different to other 'Personality Profiles' because:

  • They are cognitive processes that can be recognised in the language patterns that people use – how someone talks, not what they say
  • They are context specific – we can have one in ‘life’ context and the opposite in ‘work’ context
  • They can be changed through personal development and coaching – we have choice to change if we want
  • Understanding metaprograms never involves judging or categorizing someone – instead, the iWAM provides a very accurate description of a unique and flexible human being.

What Does the Training Cover?

  • Exploration of the 48 Motivational Patterns and understanding your own areas of excellence and unconscious competence
  • Understanding the NLP and Psychological basis of metaprograms and their manifestation as the drivers of behaviours
  • The link between iWAM and other theories of motivation
  • iWAM Test Design:  statistis, standard groups and culturally specific data
  • Introduction and experience in using the different iWAM Reports - Individual, Pair and Team Reports.
  • Skill building exercises in interpreting and delivering individual debriefs using the iWAM instrument
  • Introduction to the Modelling and replicating excellence capabilities of the iWAM (accreditation in modelling is an optional further program for interested consultants).

If you are considering becoming an iWAM Consultant and have not experienced the iWAM personally, we offer a discounted individual debrief online (2 hours).
If you go on to do the training, your Registration will be discounted the cost of the iWAM Profile.



Software License (Optional)

Includes 2 days training, or equivalent online learning

Your own iWAM Profile, Textbook and Manual

An additional Profile credit to debrief someone else

A 45 min Close-out with the Training online to discuss your first debrief

A short answer question paper​

Business start-up Package (marketing copy you can use)

Software system to generate your own invitations, and reports.

​45 min online individual lesson in the use of the software

Ability to purchase iWAM Credits at wholesale rate​

There are no ongoing license fees for this software

Full Price:  $2,595 incl. GST

Online:      $1,995 incl. GST

Additional $1,330 incl. GST on top of Accreditation

Program Dates

22 - 23 July 2019

Early Bird Discount of $500 expires on 23 June

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About the Trainer

My name is Grace Minton, and I am the owner/operator of The Inspiration Factory and an ICF PCC level Coach.   I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching, and another in HR Development.  I have worked as an internal and external HR and OD Consultant, and professional Coach for over 12 years.

I have experience using the iWAM with my own organisational clients in team building and leadership development.  I have also used it as a Coach in outplacement programs for leaders in transition, and in creating a Model of Excellence for use in Recruitment.  

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We deliver this Program in-person in Perth over 2 days, when there is sufficient interest.

​The iWAM and Models of Excellence

The body of knowledge about Metaprograms began with the practice of modeling excellence in NLP – finding out how someone extraordinary did what they did at an unconscious level. The iWAM is not just an amazing framework, it is also connected to powerful software that enables Modelling Credentialed iWAM Consultants to perform statistical analysis based on the contrast of high and low performers in a role.  This, together with qualitative research and consultation with Management is used to create models that support organisations to 'replicate excellence' through recruitment and development.  

  • Discover the unconscious filters and motivators that contribute to high performance in the key roles that you depend on
  • Attract candidates based on a match to these unconscious motivators
  • Select people based on a fit between their motivations and the work they find most satisfying
  • Have leaders who can connect to the motivations of new team members from day one on the job.

Creating a Model of Excellence involves an additional level of certification.  Please contact us if you would like to learn about using the iWAM to create a Model of Excellence to use in your organisation, or with your own clients.

Ph. 1300 161 175, or complete the form with your phone number
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