A Life Coaching Qualification that includes a Professional  NLP Education

Delivered in Retreat Style in Bali

This program is designed for people who want to work deeply and make a difference  with Coaching


This Coaching Qualification will enable you to work professionally as a Coach and get real results with your Clients

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The Certificate of Life Coaching in Bali

​The Certificate of Life Coaching enables you to master the skills, tools and essence of transformational coaching for changing patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour with clients using NLP.

This program is currently pending accreditation with the International Coach Federation and is designed to meet the requirements to join and progress to ACC level Coach; as well as provide the necessary skills in NLP as a coaching methodology to work at a transformational level in Coaching.  

What does this program include?

  • 12 Workshop Days of Coaching with NLP
  • Feedback during live workshops and 3 x written feedback on recordings of you coaching
  • A Practical Assessment of your ability to use NLP safely at a professional level
  • Written AssessmentsLearning both individual and Group Coaching
  • 3 x 2 hour Online Coaching Practice Group to help integrate your skills post-workshop
  • Optional 10 hours of Mentoring for the ICF ACC level Coach Mentoring Log
  • Optional E-learning in the Business of Coaching (including workbook, templates and book) to kickstart your business and marketing plan
  • Access to additional audio recordings on NLP, and readings about coaching on our online learning portal

What our Past Coaching Students Say:

Ness Bradshaw

During the Certificate of Professional Coaching I learnt more than I could anticipate or wish for. More opportunities are now available for my business.  As a result I have started on a new journey as both a business and personal coach.The structure and content of the course was outstanding. Grace deserves her name – what a powerful, respectful and amazing facilitator.  I cannot thank you enough for bringing this training to Perth and Bali. By sharing your experience and knowledge with others you are transforming the local coaching community who, together, will transform hundreds/thousands of lives. I am honoured to now be on this journey with you.

What do we cover?

  • Definitions of Coaching
  • Professional Associations, ICF Competencies,
  • Ethics and You
  • Contracting and boundaries,
  • Powerful Questioning, Listening and Challenging skills
  • The GROW Coaching Model
  • The Coaching Relationship
  • The commercial side of setting up a Coaching Business (via e-learning)
  • Designing and facilitating Group Coaching
  • Optional 10 hours of Mentoring/Supervision/Feedback for the ICF ACC level Coach Mentoring Log
  • NLP method for clearing unresourceful states using eye movements

  • A FULL 10 Days of  NLP Practitioner Workshops, which includes the skills and tools for transformational coaching:
  • ​The Mind-Set of an NLP Coach - the pre-suppositions of NLP
  • How to create Rapport (trust and connection) deliberately, both verbally and non-verbally
  • Creating a Goal that incorporates everything we know about how our unconscious mind works
  • Learning the 'first language' of our mind - the Representational Systems that allow us to create powerful change rapidly
  • Learning to observe the minute non-verbal communication in your Client that can support you to rapidly cut through 'story' to discover deeper levels of meaning
  • A tool for helping your client discover an internal source of information and wisdom to support improved communication and empathy with others
  • Using the 'internal coding of meaning' to create change at an unconscious level (contrasting and mapping sub-modalities). With this skill, we are able to work to create a replace a limiting belief, with a generative belief.
  • The Meta-Model in Language- for surfacing how your clients are making the meanings in their own 'map', that are keeping them 'stuck', or 'unresourceful'
  • The Milton-Model in Langauge - for guiding your client to focus inwardly in guided visualisations and accessing resources for change that were previously unconscious
  • The Clean Language Model - a beautiful form of questioning for working cleanly with your client's metaphors and symbolic world to facilitate deep change in ways of creating meaning, very gently
  • State Management Tools - simple anchoring and stacked anchoring, to support people to have greater choice in feelings, in a moment (e.g. to access and feel more confident during a meeting, or whilst public speaking)
  • Resolving an internal conflict that causes someone to be paralysed in indecision or inaction (Parts Integration)
  • The structure of a class NLP Coaching Session 
  • Mapping the mental 'strategies' that are fundamental to every behaviour/feeling that we have, as a way to design change.  E.g. changing the strategy for 'getting out of bed in the morning' from 40 mins to 2 mins.
  • A change pattern to end a bad habit
  • Discovering the unconscious 'coding' for Time and using it to create changes such as - resolving feelings from the past, without ever having to re-live the memory, and creating a compelling goal for the future
  • A Tool for facilitating your Client to access their creative thinking, their ability to plan and their critical thinking, in such as way that they are able to design a pathway to their own dreams, without their internal critic sabotaging them
  • Revision exercises that help you to organise this massive toolkit for change and the transformational understanding of our minds that underlies it

What Past Coaching Students had to Say:

Jo Lucarelli

My reasons for attending the NLP Practitioner were to deepen my knowledge and skills to work with people and facilitate processes that allow them to become more aware, have more choice, and feel empowered to achieve all they desire in their life.

During the program – I did exactly that! The teachings were incredible, my mind was expanded, I developed my coaching skill set, learned so much about myself, the human mind, how we communicate, make meaning and achieve results in our lives.

As a result I – 100% know I am following my path + purpose to shed light on the greatness that exist within each and everyone of us.

Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Grace so openly sharing her knowledge and teachings which run incredibly deep. I love the entire course, the content, the people, and how it has changed my life and now allows me the gift of sharing what I have learnt with others so they can create positive change in their world.

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What is Our Approach?

  • We ensure that you will learn about yourself, as well as the skills, knowledge and understanding you need to be the best coach you can be.
  • We are highly interactive, with multiple demonstrations each day, and experiencial learning in exercises.
  • We create an informal and relaxed, yet challenging environment.
  • We move from knowledge sharing and input, to experiential and interactive sessions.
  • We help you to solicit and generate high quality feedback.
  • We create space for group discussion and sharing interests.
  • We tell real life stories about our own experiences as professional coaches.
  • We develop ‘safe’ coaches who work with NLP with integrity.

There will be coaching practice on each day. You will be provided with a comprehensive manual including resources to kick-start your Coaching Toolkit.

All you need to bring is your curiosity and passion for personal development!

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Are you planning to start your own Coaching Business?

If so, you will be pleased to know that we have packaged our e-learning program The Business of Coaching into this qualification at no extra cost to you. This means you can choose to access:

  • 5 virtual lessons covering the basics of setting-up a coaching business, marketing and sales for Coaches, choosing a Niche and Sales
  • Accompanying Workbook to capture your thinking in response to this learning
  • Templates in Word and Excel to get you started in business planning and financial management of your business
  • Receive the best book on Marketing and Sales for a Coaching Business available, to help you create your first 28 Day Marketing Plan
  • Attend an individual online mentoring session with Grace, to help put this learning about your business into action. This is only available to people who complete The Business of Coaching online learning

This program sells for $197 and is included in the Certificate as an optional extra for Coaches intending to be self-employed.   For Graduates who would like more support on this topic, we also offer group coaching to create your first marketing plan.

About the Venue

Enjoy Retreat-Style learning at the beautiful venue, in a village just 20 mins from the Mountain town of Ubud. This venue is off the tourist track, and offers a true Retreat experience (not a Hotel):

  • A Twin Share air-conditioned room with ensuite, with option to upgrade to a Single Room
  • Pool
  • Free Wifi
  • Gourmet Food

The cost of all accommodation, food and your transfer from the airport to the venue are included in the program fee, all you have to do is book your flights!

About the Trainer

My name is Grace Minton, and I am the owner/operator of The Inspiration Factory and an ICF PCC level Coach.  I have worked professionally as  a Coach for 12 years in both the leadership and personal development fields.  I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching that included all the ICF Accredited training in Coaching, and all the NLP training I needed to pursue my dream of working deeply with people to facilitate them in creating real change.

I have an ICF Diploma of Coach and NLP Supervision and have been a lecturer of Coaching at a Post-Graduate level.   I began my own journey in personal development at the the age of 14 when I learnt a peer-based method of 'listening partnerships'.  By the age of 21 I was teaching this method to others.  I have over 25 years experience teaching people to work with others to achieve the results they are seeking.

​I have coached professionally in both the leadership development and personal coaching markets and am the owner/operator of a six-figure coaching based company.

I promise you that all Coach Mentoring on this program is either performed by me, or by a qualified ACC Coach, who practices NLP within his/her coaching practice and has been trained by me.​

Program Dates

12 - 26 January 2020 

It Includes:

  • 12 Workshop Days in Bali
  • 3 break days on 15, 19 & 23 January 2020

Plan to arrive on 11 January 2020 (accommodation is included)

Following the in-person workshops there are additional online practice groups.  These are intended to provide:

  • more demonstrations of coaching,
  • opportunity to practice and exchange feedback with peers  against the ICF Coach competencies.  
  • live Q&A about content of the E-learning.   

The dates for these are 3 March, 7 April, 8 June 2020.

Participants have until 30 June 2020 to complete all the requirements of the course. The Optional 10 hours Mentoring needs to take place within 12 months of the course start date.


Early Bird Price

has been extended to 31 October 2019

Training and meals only Early Bird: $3,627 AU

Twin Room Early Bird: $3,762 AU

Single Room Early Bird: $4,512 AU

Full Price

after 1 November 2019

& Payment Plans

Training and meals only Full Price: $3,627 AU

Twin Room Full Price: $4,062 AU

Single Room Full Price: $4,812AU

  • If you wish to share a twin room, and are not attending with a friend or partner, we can put you on a list that will depend on another participant of the same gender wishing to share a room.
  • These prices include everything (accommodation, all meals and non-alcoholic drinks, materials, e-learning etc). Everything except your airfare.
  • Training is in a group of 12 maximum.  
  • Early Bird prices require payment of 50% of course cost by the close date.
  • If you are an Australian, note that these figures are ex GST and you will need to add 10%. If you are from outside Australia, the above rates stand as they are.
  • At the time of scheduling the course, return flights from Perth, range from $200 to $400 return. Please do check at the time of considering your registration. The pricing does not include flights and travel insurance.

Register your interest in this program and receive our information pack by email.  Leave your contact details if you would like to speak to the program Trainer 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the program involve in Bali?

What is there to do after Bali, on returning home?

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What is NOT Included?

What is the difference between the Certificates?

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Support after Graduation?

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What is the maximum number of people in a class group?

What is the Coaching Model/Approach of this program?

Who is this training intended for and what are the requirements for registration?

Is this a Vocational Education Qualification, or part of any larger qualification?

I am already accredited as an ACC Coach, how can this support me?

What More Could You Ask For in a Coaching Course?

Support after you Graduate!

Many people stay connected to their class mates from the Coaching Course and exchange Coaching (peer coaching).  We really encourage our Graduates to RECEIVE Coaching and when you are a Coach, you can exchange Coaching with someone else at no cost, so why not?

People also often email in questions and wish for more contact with a Trainer in their first few years of practice.  As a result I have developed a social website (like Facebook) that is just for Coaches and includes access to online Q&A sessions, and also helps people to organise into peer coaching groups on themes, and practice groups, with a minimum of effort.  At the very least, it is a place where you can find someone else to exchange coaching with, who has a similar level of skills.

The Coaching Community is FREE to join (there is no membership fee).  It is intended to help people connect and collaborate, as well as to continue their own personal development in the longterm. 

What Qualification will I Receive?

Graduates will receive a Certificate of Life Coaching on completion, which is recognition of attendance. Graduates will also receive an NLP Practitioner qualification, recognised by the Australian Board of NLP.

This course is pending accreditation with the ICF, intended for completion prior to these course dates. It is advertised as pending accreditation in accordance with ICF guidelines. The program has been designed to meet demand for a true coaching qualification incorporating a Professional Quality NLP training.

The qualification is to be registered with the ICF as ‘Neuro Coaching Certificate’.  If you wish to proceed to ACC level accreditation via a course that has completed registration, please ask us about the Certificate of Professional Coaching.

From March 2020, graduates of this program can enrol in an MA Neuro Coaching qualification with a UK University and receive 'Advanced Standing Credit' for one unit. If you are interested in a post-graduate qualification in Coaching that incorporates NLP as a Coaching Methodology, please connect with us on the phone about this exiting opportunity.

Are you mostly interested in learning NLP in Bali and do not need a Coaching Qualification?

You can attend the 10 days as a separate training, for personal development, or to build on your existing Coaching qualification, without the extra investment in the coaching days, and coach mentoring and assessments.  Click here to check out the NLP Bali Program.  The two groups come together in Bali for 10 days of NLP.

Register your interest in this program and receive our information pack by email.  Leave your contact details if you would like to speak to the program Trainer 

Ph. 1300 161 175, or complete the form with your phone number
and Grace will call you!