Our Affiliate Program

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Are you an Inspiration Factory Graduate or Fan? Would you like to support high quality in-person local personal development, NLP and Coaching Training in Perth? If you do, you can now help us grow this beautiful work, and be rewarded!

You can sign up as an Affiliate with us, and you will receive links to share on social media, or via emails with the people that you think will benefit from our programs AND I will gladly pay you, instead of Google and Facebook!

We are saying thanks by offering 5-10% in Cash, or 10-20% in training credits. You can even gift your training credits to someone you want to experience the training and we will provide a gift voucher for you to use.

We have a system that allows you to have total transparency and feedback on who is coming through, and what is happening once they connect with us.

Some examples of current trainings that you could recommend to people you know and think would benefit:


TrainingCash RewardTraining Credits
NLP Practitioner – 5%150300
mBIT Coach Certification – 10%175350
Extended DISC – 10%200400
The Certificate of Professional Coaching- 5%241482


What is involved?

  1. Sign up online
  2. Receive special emails about what we are currently offering, with links to share on social media, with one click. This makes it super easy to be an affiliate.
  3. Receive an email everytime someone you referred to us purchases something on the affiliate program.
  4. Login anytime and check out your credits, let us know how you would like to be paid – by cash or training credit.
  5. We will either:
    • pay you direct to your paypal account;
    • credit you for a training you would like to register for; or
    • send you a training credit gift voucher to gift to someone else.

How good is THAT?