Loving Your Life Special Offer


Loving Your Life Special Offer

$275.00 $192.50

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The Loving Your Life! Online Journey

Come on a deep Book Journey with us over the space of a year and explore what it means to be Loving Your Life more wondrously!

This is a completely online experience, so you can do it from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world.  It is designed to bring your human spirit alive and tap into your own inner wisdom.

The Live online group meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, 7pm – 8pm AWST (Perth, Singapore, Hong Kong) and additional live groups can be scheduled when there are at least 20 people requesting access in a different timezone.


What does the Program include?

  • A Kindle copy of the book, Loving Your Life! delivered to your door. The book comprises 30 explorations on loving your self and your life more wonderously. You will have 3 short readings each month.
  • A Kindle copy of the book that has introduced mBraining (using your head, heart and gut brains together) to the world.
  • 12 x monthly 1-1.5 hour Video E-learnings in which in which we will be exploring key distinctions from readings for that month. The book comprises 30 explorations on loving your self and your life more wonderously. Each monthly webinar will examine 3 of these explorations.
  • 12 x monthly E-learning as an audio file to download, keep and listen to at your leisure.
  • 12 x monthly LIVE Social Learning Group Meetings online to discuss and reflect on the Waypoint for that month with others.
  • Digital Journal with the Readings and Reflection Questions, plus space to capture your reflections.
  • A whole year of deep learning – The overall process runs for a whole year and represents an incredible journey of deep mBIT based self-discovery to provide generative learning and transfer of wise generative change in loving your life even more wondrously.
  • Ongoing Access – you can continue to access the Replays and Resources for an additional 12 months, for review, or just to catch up on anything you missed.

If you would like to purchase this program on a payment plan, you can pay $17.50 per month for 12 months.  Click here to be redirected to course offer page.