Register for Resilience with Neurolinguistics (Perth)

Register for Resilience with Neurolinguistics (Perth)


Over two days we will show you how to use the skills of resilience in your professional practice, as well as in your own personal life.

After this two days you’ll be able to:

  • Recognise if someone is responding to challenges with chronicity, recovery or resilience.
  • Recognise the 8 thinking patterns that keep people trapped in chronic problems.
  • Utilise research-based methods for making a difference to how someone feels (the same methods used in the research discussed). 
  • Utilise Verbal First Aid when first on the scene and make a difference to how someone’s brain ‘codes’ the experience from the beginning.

People wishing to volunteer for the NLP Trauma Response Team Project to work in fire-affected communities will need to attend this training, and an additional day with further information re a protocol, reporting and supervision structure.  Volunteers are contracted for insurance purposes.  Attending the training does not guarantee that you will be contracted.  If you are planning to attend only for this purpose, please connect with us first by phone or email.

While grant funding is being sourced, registrations for Resilience Training is enabling people to work to create this project, however, your registration is not a donation to a charity.