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We Guarantee:   Small Groups – Personal Attention – Deep learning – Fun – Learning through Experience 

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The NLP Practitioner Program in Bali

NLP is much, much more than a theory of ‘how we tick’:  it is a practical methodology for creating change in internal processes that influence our state/mood and our behaviours. When we take charge of these things, we also take charge of the outcomes we are getting in our life, relationship and career.

Discover the truly transformational power of NLP with 10 days of workshops and a practical assessment process.  Join many others who have improved communication and influencing skills, discovered the resources that they already hold within themselves and the energy to go after the work and life that they truly want.

This NLP Practitioner is both a qualification that allows you to help others to create change, and a deep personal development experience – you will experience everything you learn personally AND practice it with someone else.

You will receive a set of 45 MP3 audio files to download and be able to access Video recordings of the same lessons online.  You will also receive a manual of over 360 pages.

This training is nationally accredited by the independent standards body for NLP, the Australian Board of NLP.

ABNLP Trainer Member

Watch My Introductory Video

  • What is NLP?  Where does it come from?
  • Foundation Concepts
  • How do different people use it?
  • Why are different courses for the same NLP qualification so different?

Register your interest in this program and receive our information pack by email.  Leave your contact details if you would like to speak to the Trainer 

Outcomes that People Experience

    • Create instant rapport & connection with others;
    • Use language for maximum impact;
    • Become an outstanding coach;
    • Gain control of your thinking and emotional state;
    • Empower yourself and others with powerful tools for behavioural change;
    • Become a persuasive communicator;
    • Align your motivational energies with your dreams and goals;
    • Personal alignment of mind, body and emotions;
    • Choose your emotions instead of being run by them;
    • Increase your self-esteem and self-image, self-motivation and enthusiasm;
    • Learn to transform fear into action;
    • Transform limiting beliefs and learn empowering ones;
    • Release bad habits;
    • Align your conscious and unconscious minds to access all your resources and gain maximum personal power;

Sonia Fortuna

My reasons for attending the NLP Practitioner were to increasing my portfolio of strategies and tools to facilitate change for my clients as a coach as I knew NLP would be a powerful methodology. It is actually so powerful that I was getting results already during the course, before the end of the program.

As a result, I was more confident in my offering to my clients. Because students get to practice a lot on each other during the course, it is also a tremendous self-development experience and an essential step for a coach to really understand what the clients go through. You don’t get all this from an online course.

I chose this course because I had already attended a few courses by Grace Minton – one of the best trainer and coaches one could have. I absolutely recommend this course and having her as a coach, a trainer, a supervisor and a mentor coach.

Who is this Training For?

  • You want to become an outstanding communicator;
  • You want to lead and coach others to produce exceptional results;
  • You want to get NLP into your muscles so you can easily and effortlessly use it to create your own success but also support other people in creating their success;
  • You want the tools to take charge of your thinking and life;
  • You are committed to personal transformation; 

About the Venue

Enjoy Retreat-Style learning at the beautiful venue, in a village just 20 mins from the Mountain town of Ubud. This venue is off the tourist track, and offers a true Retreat experience (not a Hotel):

  • Own air-conditioned room with ensuite
  • Pool
  • Free Wifi
  • Gourmet Food

The cost of all accommodation, food and airport transfers are included in the program fee, all you have to do is book your flights!

A special arrangement has been negotiated with the venue to manage the risk of Volcano eruption disrupting flights.  Please do talk to us about arrangements to mitigate disruption of flights.

This program is limited to 12 people.  Register Now and secure your place with a Deposit

Ness Bradshaw

During this NLP Program I learnt more than I could anticipate or wish for. More opportunities are now available for my business. As a result I have started on a new journey as both a business and personal coach.

The structure and content of the course was outstanding. Grace deserves her name – what a powerful, respectful and amazing facilitator.

I cannot thank you enough for bringing this training to Perth and Bali. By sharing your experience and knowledge with others you are transforming the local coaching community who, together, will transform hundreds/thousands of lives. I am honoured to now be on this journey with you.

Program Dates

13 – 26 January 2020

Breakdays on 15, 19, and 23 January 2020

Note: At the moment we are not intending to run the Bali Programs due to concerns about the Coronavirus. Please still indicate your interest in this event by completing the ‘Request for Information Pack’ so we can update you as this changes.We are currently looking to offer the residential Coaching and NLP qualification as a residential retreat in Australia. The retreat will be in a community affected by bushfires, to support that area to recover. More information about this will be coming in late April.


Early Bird

extended to 31 October 2019

Training and meals:$2,864 AU

Twin Share: $3,513 AU

Single Room: $3,784 AU 

​​​​Full Price

after 1 November 2019

& Payment Plans

Training and meals: $3,140 AU

Twin Share:  $3,845 AU

Single Room: $4,143 AU

  • If you are an Australian, note that these figures are ex GST and you will need to add 10%. If you are from outside Australia, the above rates stand as they are.
  • At the time of scheduling the course, return flights from Perth, range from $200 to $400 return. Please do check at the time of considering your registration.  The pricing does not include flights and travel insurance.

About the Trainer

My name is Grace Minton, and I am the owner/operator of The Inspiration Factory and an ICF PCC level Coach and i am passionate about training NLP.  I have worked professionally as  a Coach for 12 years in both the leadership and personal development fields and I have used NLP as a methodology in this all this time.   I have trained more than 10 NLP Practitioner Programs.

I have a Post Graduate qualification in Coaching that included all the ICF Accredited training in Coaching, and all the NLP training I needed to pursue my dream of working deeply with people to facilitate them in creating real change.

I have an ICF Diploma of Coach Supervision and have been a lecturer of Coaching at a Post-Graduate level.   I began my own journey in personal development at the the age of 14 when I learnt a peer-based method of ‘listening partnerships’.  By the age of 21 I was teaching this method to others.  I have over 20 years experience teaching people to work with others to achieve the results they are seeking.

Bobby Aitken

My reason for attending the NLP Practitioner was to continue my learning journey in the realm of coaching and people development.

I was challenged, stretched and enlightened. Have had my eyes opened to the amazing ability to help people by accessing their unconscious directly.

Great course delivery method. Thanks for flexibility.

Are You Interested in NLP as part of a Coaching Qualification?

Are you interested in learning to be an NLP Coach?  

From March 2020, graduates of this program can enrol in an MA Neuro Coaching qualification with a UK University and receive ‘Advanced Standing Credit’ for one unit. If you are interested in a post-graduate qualification in Coaching that incorporates NLP as a Coaching Methodology, please connect with us on the phone about this exiting opportunity.If you would just like to take this course as a stand-alone coaching qualification, please click here to learn about the ext17ra training for using NLP as a Coach whilst in Bali.

Register your interest in this program and receive our information pack by email.  Leave your contact details if you would like to speak to the Trainer 

Support after you Graduate

Many people stay connected to their class mates from the NLP Course and exchange NLP in practice.  We really encourage our Graduates to continue to practice and maintain confidence in their skills and continue to benefit from being able to access NLP in their life for free.

People also often email in questions and wish for more contact with a Trainer in their first few years of practice.  As a result all my graduates are invited to a FaceBook Group where they can contact others, and the Trainer, after graduation.

If you are practicing NLP Professionally, you can also access to pay-as-you-go online Supervision.  I hold a Diploma in NLP and Coach Supervision, accredited with the International Coach Federation.

What will You Actually Learn?

  • How to notice and influence the unconscious body language that creates sense of trust and connection between people;
  • Creating a goal that incorporates everything we know about how our unconscious mind works to set you up to succeed;
  • Learn the ‘first language’ of our minds – the Representational Systems;
  • Learn to observe non-verbal communication;
  • A simple process to access a source of wisdom and information to help improve your communication and relationships;
  • The Structure of an NLP Coaching session, to help you to use these skills with others;
  • Mapping and changing ‘strategies’ (mental processes that are the foundation of every behaviour we have;
  • A tool for ending a bad habit;
  • Explore your dreams and create a plan to move them into reality;
  • Resolve an internal conflict that keeps you paralysed in indecision and inaction;
  • Learn conversational hypnosis – the gentle language of transformational change directly through the unconscious;
  • Using the structure of ‘time’ in your unconscious find freedom from negative emotions that belong in the past;
  • Discover how to replace limiting beliefs with generative ones;
  • Learn the language model for questioning that enables precise communication;
  • State Management – tools to help feel confident when you need it (like in exams and public speaking), and tools to get rid of a minor negative feelings.

Jo Lucarelli

My reasons for attending the NLP Practitioner were to deepen my knowledge and skills to work with people and facilitate processes that allow them to become more aware, have more choice, and feel empowered to achieve all they desire in their life.

During the program – I did exactly that! The teachings were incredible, my mind was expanded, I developed my coaching skill set, learned so much about myself, the human mind, how we communicate, make meaning and achieve results in our lives.

As a result I – 100% know I am following my path + purpose to shed light on the greatness that exist within each and everyone of us.

Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Grace so openly sharing her knowledge and teachings which run incredibly deep. I love the entire course, the content, the people, and how it has changed my life and now allows me the gift of sharing what I have learnt with others so they can create positive change in their world.

This program is limited to 12 people.  Register Now and secure your place with a Deposit

Maria Berhagen

My reason for attending the NLP Practitioner was to to further develop my coaching areas & tool kit. I learnt so much from the group and from Grace. I developed belief in my abilities, conviction in my decisions & direction.

As an outcome of the program I have busted limiting beliefs that were stopping me from fully engaging in life’s opportunities. Grace, it’s been a privilege to be in your class. Loved it!!

Ph. 1300 161 175, or complete the form with your phone number and Grace will call you!