What is NLP?

I attended this program to increase knowledge and skills to use in my professional career and personal life. I got many skills that I have used and will continue to use in my professional career. I got skills that I can use in my personal life. I learnt more about who I am and I met 17 great people.

How can you put a price tag on something which sets your pathway for personal and professional excellence. I can see myself using all of these great skills and experiences throughout my life.


Thank you for challenging me to move to the next level of confidence in my life! Grazie!


My reason for attending the program was increasing my portfolio of strategies and tools to facilitate change for my clients as a coach as I knew NLP would be a powerful methodology. It is actually so powerful that I was getting results already during the course, before the end of the program. As a result, I was more confident in my offering to my clients. Because students get to practice a lot on each other during the course, it is also a tremendous self-development experience and an essential step for a coach to really understand what the clients go through. You don’t get all this from an online course. II chose this course because I had already attended a few courses by Grace Minton – one of the best trainer and coaches one could have. I absolutely recommend this course and having her as a coach, a trainer, a supervisor and a mentor coach.


My reason for attending the program were – to further develop my coaching areas & tool kit.

I learnt so much from the group and from Grace.

I developed belief in my abilities, conviction in my decisions & direction.

Busted limiting beliefs that were stopping me from fully engaging in life’s opportunities.

Grace, it’s been a privilege to be in your class. Loved it!!


I came to NLP to help give me the tools to communicate more freely, be more influential and deal with people more effectively at work as a manager.

NLP showed me that I’ve already got all of the resources to do this and it is just a matter of understanding how to tap into and use these resources to achieve my desired results and a whole lot more.

I got a huge amount of value from the practical learning style. I have applied my NLP learning and development in my work and feel much more positive. I know it’s a long road ahead which is exciting to look forward to.


Learning NLP with The Inspiration Factory

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